About Us

Welcome to American Honey Boutique! The three of us sisters, Leah, Hannah, & Lizzie, have been so excited to share our journey with you all, and we hope every one of you stay along for the ride!

Just so everyone can learn a little bit about us and get to know us better take a read below and see how we ended up pursuing our dream of starting American Honey Boutique!

Lizzie here! I am the oldest of us sisters. I have always had a love for fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. I truly have been a fashionista from a young age! I obtained my degree in Marketing, however post graduating college I wasn't exactly sure what was for me and what I wanted to do. I tried the corporate life and failed. It was NOT for me. I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit and something was tugging at me to dive deeper. I took a risk and decided to work for myself full-time in the beauty and cosmetics field. Now, I am beyond excited to be partnering up with my sisters on this new journey. With our strong faith, work ethic, and creative mind.. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us here at American Honey Boutique!

Hannah here! Starting this online business was not always my first idea of the many things I've wanted to achieve in life. But with a love for fashion and beauty what better way to express those things by starting this business with my best friends aka my sisters. I graduated with a degree in Finance from Bloomsburg University, Go Huskies, and am currently working full time in the real world and now partnering up with my sisters to manage this boutique. I guess you can call me a workaholic (not sure if that's a bad thing). Anyways, I'm super excited to be sharing this journey with everyone and it's been so comforting having the support of my friends and the rest of our family to help us on this endeavor. Life is all about the risks you take so why not push yourself to be the best and most confident version you can be all while doing something you love. We hope everyone will love what we have to offer so follow us on this journey and we will do our best to deliver the best service and most fabulous collections!

Leah here! I am the youngest sis of the 3 of us. Let’s be real, I have an online shopping addiction so I thought why not open up my own store!? I mean can ya blame me? Okay but in all seriousness, you know that feeling when you find that perfect outfit? That feeling when you try on this outfit and it makes you feel so….YOU. So beautiful, so confident, so ready to take on the day. I LOVE that feeling, and I want to help other women have that feeling too. Because you know what? It feels so damn good to look and feel pretty. And I think every one of us deserves to feel pretty. Along with both of my sisters I have always had such a strong passion for the fashion world and keeping up with all of the latest trends and styles. Over these past few years I have become more confident of who I am and having my own unique style & I hope I can encourage all of you gals to do the same! I am so thrilled to be building this boutique & even more excited to be doing it alongside my best friends. Our faith is what brought us here, and our faith is what’s going to make this boutique so worth it. I hope you’ll all stay along for the ride xo 

Our brand is so special to us because our mother picked the name as it reminds us of our oldest sister, Sarah, who we lost in a tragic car accident in 2012. The song American Honey, by Lady Antebellum, was our special song growing up together and we always loved singing our hearts out to it with our big sis. Now, she will always be our American Honey so what better name to give this business than after someone who has always inspired us to be the best and brightest versions of ourselves.

So, November of 2021 we decided we were going to take our love for clothes to the next step. We have been working so hard this past year to create our own special brand and we hope that you all grow to love it as much as we do! 


     Leah, Hannah, & Lizzie ♡